Furnish a holiday home in five steps

25 July 2019

 When choosing the style of a holiday home, it is easy to be swayed by current trends; often forgetting that furnishings in these places are unlikely to be constantly changing. When floors and wall tiles are first chosen, the focus must be on lasting, easy-to-clean materials, but without forgetting taste and design. The EdilcuoghiEdilgres collections are designed in an attractive style that enhances different trends, without ever compromising on good taste and cutting-edge technical features. 

A holiday home, especially if not just for us, but if it is going to be let, must have a transversal style and include just a few furnishing items that tell us something about the owner’s personality and make living spaces welcoming. 

Here are five suggestions for furnishing your home impeccably

1. Use just one inspiration for the entire house and limit yourselves to a few attractive, functional furnishing items. 

2. Choose Porcelain Stoneware as the material for floors and wall tiles and it will guarantee you safety and easy cleaning. 

3. Coordinate interiors and exteriors with flooring for outdoor use, playing with transversal furnishings. 

4. Adapt spaces to the location. Design spaces based on use and the people you plan to let to. 

5. Use Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and give your home the beauty you want when going on holiday. 

To respond to these points, we have chosen the ones we like best from amongst the EdilcuoghiEdilgres collections. 

In the wood, cement and stone inspirations you will find the perfect solution for enhancing your holiday spaces. The EdilcuoghiEdilgres collections offer top quality technical features and different finishes to allow you to coordinate spaces from bathroom and shower floor to the continuous ones between living room and terrace or entrance and exterior. 

Discover the rich Stone Gallery range, the natural surface and design of the E-Street one or the outdoor finish of Pietra di Sale that can enhance your home by the sea or overlooking the lake. If you are searching for a more rustic solution, but still want elegance for your country villa or mountain chalet, you could discover the elegance of the Collettiva collection, the inspirational beauty of I Calchi or the personality of Lin-Side

Here is an inspirational gallery to help you find the ideal solution for any environment and style. 

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