Born edilcuoghi | EDILGRES

27 February 2019

A combinations of 2 brands for a new concept of ceramic collection

The Edilcuoghi and Edilgres collections are created in the heart of the world-leading ceramics district in terms of technology and design. They are the expression of great passion and of a strong product culture, developed over the course of 60 years.

In 2019 the creation of a new brand edilcuoghi | EDILGRES, based on an innovative project, multi-purpose collections have been created, combining the core values of the two brands, for a range that is now twice as versatile.

Two historic brands, representing the different but complementary souls of Italian ceramic excellence, link their product ranges for original and exclusive solutions.

The headquarters in the district of Sassuolo, the Italian capital of ceramics, ensures a direct link to state-of-the-art technology and to the latest style and design trends.

The combinations of 2 brands is oriented to offer in the future a new concept of ceramic collection.

Most of future collection could integrate porcelain stoneware and ceramic wall tiles, with a more complete and versatile assortment.

So both two different souls and values of Edilcuoghi ad Edilgres brands will be alive and strong in each new collection, not separated but together, with new added value of matching and combinations.

The edilcuoghi | EDILGRES collections incorporate into a single range Edilgres’ vocation for building surfaces and Edilcuoghi’s sophisticated lifestyle creations.

The aim of the new brand is to increase versatility, coordinating design, décor and interior design solutions. In addition to technical porcelain stoneware surfaces with a minimalist style, we can find decorations and accessories, expressions of good taste and Italian style.

New logo

The initial letter e|E compose a refined monogram that gives the idea of a strong creative and design content in company offer, and of an identity and a style that goes along the different proposals

Since 1968, the Edilcuoghi collections have made their mark in ceramics history.

Good taste, elegance and Italian lifestyle characterise wall and floor tiles designed for contemporary living spaces.

Since 1960, the Edilgres spirit and product culture have combined cutting-edge technology with design inspired by the latest trends to create high-performance technical surfaces with a high aesthetic value.

The essential values in EdilcuoghiEDILGRES offer have origin from a deep product culture, connected with the belonging of headquarters to the italian ceramic district. All those values are gathered in the payoff “Italian Ceramic Knowledge” which has 3 meaning areas: trend, technology and ceramic product culture.

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